Flatnux features

Language PHP, html, javascript
Utilization Websites, Portals, Ecommerce, Blogs, Institutional Sites, Facebook Applications, Backend for Other Software
Supported databases files xml,mysql,mssql,csv,SQLite, extensible to other databases, which can be used simultaneously on the same site
Site management Intuitive no need to know html or php
High contrast site management YES, via associated theme
Accessibility YES, compatibile Legge Stanca
Multilingual site management YES, you do not have to duplicate the website
Elegant links YES, via mod_rewrite di Apache
Customizable link method http://siteurl/pagina.html, http://siteurl/pagina/ estensibile ad altri metodi
Lingua cms IT, EN, FR, DE, extensible via files csv
Command line mode YES
Customizable themes SI, template html oppure PHP
Authentication Internal Easily extensible via plugin, IMAP or external DB
Access control for viewing or editing pages group, user, level
Access control for Controlcenter  by user
Edit content online YES, in "Edit mode ON"
Maintenance Modes YES, with customizable page depending on the theme used
Edit content from the control panel YES
Editor html FCKeditor, Extensible to other editors
Control panel themes YES, via html templates
Supporto JQuery,Bootstrap ed altri framework Basato su tema
Html formats html4,html5,xhtml
Portability Transferable from one domain to another without having to change the configuration. If it is used with text db you do not need dump
Content Version Control YES
License GPL
Customize theme from control panel Duplication, CSS edit, Image replacement
Updates Upgradeable from control panel
Artisteer templates inport Yes, via Artisteer Plugin
Minimal version You can delete control panel, modules, plugins, blocks, html editors, database drivers without compromising core operation
Importazione templates fatti per altri CMS IN PROGRESS
Documentation IN PROGRESS